ANGEL Jones, aka – the “Weight Loss Angel” is known throughout the U.S. as a Motivational Wellness Speaker and TV/Radio Personality – most notably for her passionate efforts in weight loss promotion and obesity awareness.

Although she was raised by loving parents, their lifestyles were not in alignment with good health, therefore Angel grew to her heaviest weight of 290 lbs. After her family’s suffering of several debilitating illnesses that were directly linked to obesity, and upon the words of her husband that “she would always be a big girl”; Angel set out to make a remarkable overhaul of her personal health.

Formerly known as “Mrs. Obesity Jones”, the Weight Loss Angel transformed her mind and body and became dedicated to achieving better health and losing weight. She lost nearly 125 lbs. between 2000–2004 by overcoming many physical and mental obstacles, whereupon Angel developed an advocacy for weight loss.

Angel became the President of the FFC Weight Loss Ministry and formed a television and radio show for the sole purpose of helping others to realize their goals and overcome the setbacks caused by obesity. Her primary topics include health, wellness and weight loss.

In addition to her show, Angel is also a writer, director and producer of two plays, “Mrs. Obesity Jones and Her Battle with the Fat Demon” and “It’s All About Your Health” tour. She has been coached by acclaimed Coach Carmen and Norma Hills, adding to her wings of knowledge.

Angel is also a health writer for Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine and holds a BA degree in human service, certified weight loss coach and health minister. To date, she has directly coached and mentored hundreds of people, and indirectly many thousands of people through her TV and Radio programs. She is a director of the Public Speakers Association and Founder/CEO of the Weight Loss Angel’s Wellness Organization.

Most recently, she became a certified CNA and CHHA to give her clients the ultimate credentials of caregiving. She is a certified Life and Wellness Coach, Workshop Leader and does private in-person or telephone coaching – and group coaching – to individuals and groups from all walks of life.

You can hear Angel on WEHA 88.7 FM and Life and Spirit Online. Her compelling story has been featured in numerous media and publishing venues, including newspapers, magazines and both TV and radio programs. She is often called upon to co-host or speak as a live guest for special appearances.

Most recently, Angel has joined forces with First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign to help with the efforts of childhood obesity. She has been personally trained by Billy Blanks, Les Brown and inspired by a number of other widely recognized health professionals and iconic fitness gurus.

The Weight Loss Angel’s Mission is to motivate, educate and captivate the world through her story and real-world knowledge. She is a highly sought after motivational speaker who is able to deliver a profound message to her audience.

Training Topics

  • The Weight Loss Angel Reveals Critical Secrets to Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss
  • Discover How Mrs. Obesity Jones Lost 125 Pounds Naturally
  • Overcome Self-Defeating Thoughts to Achieve Self-Power
  • Accelerate Your Health Knowledge Today!
  • Best Strategies to Live and BE Well
  • Rebuilding Your Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Healthy Ways to Manage and Deal With Stress
  • Fire Your Pharmacist!
  • Healthy Children: Childhood Obesity 101
  • Empowering and Healing Your Body From the Inside Out