Meet Angel Jones, also nationally known as; “The Weight Loss Angel”. As a child, Angel was raised by loving parents, yet they lived unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, she grew up with the stigma of being overweight, which eventually led to obesity as an adult. At her heaviest, Angel weighed 290+ lbs. and suffered from many health complications.

In 2000, the former “Mrs. Obesity Jones” beat the Fat Demon by empowering her mind, body and spirit through the CEO and former health Czar of Philadelphia, Ms. Gwen Foster. By 2004, she had dropped 125 lbs. naturally and became the President of FFC Weight Loss Ministry, forming a television and radio show on the quest to help others. To this day, The Weight Loss Angel speaks on topics of health, wellness and weight loss. She is a writer, director and producer of books, plays, magazine articles for Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine, and her first comic book to teach children and adults about healthy lifestyle habits.

After losing her mother to the Fat Demon in 2011, Angel took her awareness efforts to the next level, fueled with newfound purpose. She holds a BA Degree in Human Service, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Health Minister, CNA, and Nutritionist. Most recently, she earned a certification as a Christian Life Coach from the Freedom Bible College and Seminary, with the help of her mentor, Dr. Marci Bryant.

Her compelling story has been featured on the news, radio, and through numerous mediums. You can listen live to The Weight Loss Angel’s radio show on W.E.H.A. 88.7 FM and Life and Spirit online. Angel is also a director of the Public Speakers Association and Founder/CEO of the Weight Loss Angel’s Wellness Organization. She is one of the spearheads for First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity. Angel has been trained by some of the world’s best coaches and consultants, including Mr. Billy Blanks, Les Brown, Norma Hollis, Coach Carmen, and Dr. Marci Bryant, Dr. Tom Miller and CEO of the Public Speakers Association, Tonya Hoffman. Angel was inspired by Ms. Yolanda Adams, Ann Nesby, Richard Simmons and Susan Powter, among others.

Angel’s mission and passion is to motivate, educate and captivate the world with her wings of knowledge. She has spoken before groups both small and large on a wide gamut of topics relating to health, wellness and weight loss.

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