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America’s Newest Weight Loss Sensation Wins Prestigious Public Speakers Association Award for Her Inspirational Message

Radio / TV Personality Angel Denise Jones Quickly Rises with Her “Wings” as the Weight Loss Angel

San Antonio, TX: March 4, 2014 – For those who suffer from the battles of losing weight, a new “angel” in the fat loss industry has appeared. Using her own compelling weight loss story, Angel Denise Jones both inspires and motivates others on a quest to lose weight naturally. She is the newest “diva” to arrive upon the weight loss scene and was recently honored last evening with a special award from Tonya Hofmann, CEO and founder of the Public Speakers Association.

Angel Denise Jones’ story is unique in that she overcame a lifelong journey of being overweight, despite having loving parents who were also heavyset. Her husband then told her that she “would always be fat and that she should just accept that fact.” But that is exactly what the former Mrs. “Obesity” Jones chose not to do. Instead, she took matters into her own hands and made it her own personal mission to overcome a lifelong battle with being overweight. She successfully dropped 125 pounds and has since made it her goal to educate, motivate and captivate people from all walks of life.

Using an entertaining and powerful format, Angel Denise Jones dresses for the part by wearing an angelic costume, upon which she reveals personal images to her audience. Within her captivating keynote speech, the Weight Loss Angel delivers one-of-a kind secrets that anyone can use against their own personal struggles with losing weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one third of all adults in America are classified as obese. Obesity-related illnesses cost a whopping $150 billion dollars in estimated medical costs that are directly linked to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes and other life-threatening illnesses.

Adopting a similar philosophy as first lady Michelle Obama, Angel Denise Jones also promotes the “Let’s Move” initiative to combat childhood obesity. The Weight Loss Angel uses multiple avenues to spread her message, including a TV and radio program entitled: “It’s All About Your Health”. She is also a writer, director and producer of two successful plays and has been endorsed by a number of affluent and renowned public figures, such as Mayor Jesse Tweedle, Lorenzo Langford and Mr. Willie Steward, CEO of Trendsetter to Trendsetters Magazine; among others.

What is next for this “Angel” of weight loss? A new book will be released in early summer of 2014 and Angel Denise Jones is available for public speaking opportunities across the country. She is praised as one of America’s most notable emerging public figures within the health industry for her vibrant costuming, compelling story and compassion for all who struggle with obesity.

The Weight Loss Angel is available for interviewing at: 888-99-OBESITY.

Director of the Pennsylvania
Public Speaker Association
Germantown Chapter

The Weight Loss Angel’s Wellness World Organization Motivational (WELLNESS) Speaker. 1 888-99 OBESITY