Let Angel Denise Jones – aka – the “Weight Loss Angel” and highly acclaimed Motivational Wellness Speaker & TV/Radio personality inspire, motivate and pump your audience!

Hear the “Weight Loss Angel’s” Divine Story!

Formerly known as “Mrs. Obesity Jones”, the Weight Loss Angel transformed her mind and body by shedding 125 lbs. Her remarkable story about how she overcame great physical and mental obstacles has resulted in a miraculous journey of helping others. Her ability to captivate and educate an audience represents a God-given talent that was nurtured by world-renowned Les Brown and Billy Blanks. She has also been personally coached by the CEO of the Public Speakers Association Director at large, Normal Hollis, as well as Dr. Tom Miller and Dr. Marci Bryant. She is now the Director of the Public Speakers Association Germantown Chapter.

Your Audience Will Be Wowed!

By the Time They Leave, Your Guests Will be Ready to Strap on Their Wings and Soar

Empowering an Audience with Angelic Guidance!


  • Learn little-known secrets to health, wellness, and weight loss.
  • Elevate your mindset concerning food, fashion, and fitness cohesively
  • Influence to change unhealthy and deadly eating habits
  • Achieve personal growth, hope, and self-development
  • Understand the true meaning of mind renewal as it relates to success