Her mission of finding creative ways of helping people to understanding the importance of learning how to maintain a proper diet, to exercise and to live as stress free as possible has been ongoing for as long as I have known her. If there is someone who truly deserves some recognition for caring for others you need not look any further. She is amazing but at the same time humble as she gives care to her patients in a way that allow them to also maintain their dignity.

Edward A. Parler Jr.

Denise is by far one of the nicest and most compassionate people I have had the pleasure of working with in the 20 years of my professional design career. Her devotion to spreading the message about emotional and physical well-being through positive thought, proper diet and exercise has been paved with hard work, determination, a strong will to never give up and a passion for constant evolution that has kept me on my toes keeping up with her creative process. If anybody deserves recognition for her tireless efforts to make the world a healthier place it is she.


Justin Ackerman

Design Director / Creative Consultant, M3 Design Studios

I can’t imagine anyone else measuring up to the excellence and care she provides.

Ilene Chait


One of our company’s closest friends and personalities, Denise Hilary Jones currently has a radio program on Monday’s @5pm on our Life and Spirit Online station (www.lifeandspiritonline.com ) called, “Fitness for the Kingdom Wellness Show”. This program informs listeners about the dangers of bad eating habits and how to prevent some of the diseases that have had an effect on her life.
As a radio host, Denise has gained the support of thousands of listeners by using her life story to give an example of how it’s never too late to live a healthy lifestyle. Through her unique style and infectious personality, her program has become the biggest hit this year.

She always makes time to come to community events as “The Weight Loss Angel” bringing information and understanding to her mission. She has been helping others and volunteering with non-profit agencies like the Heart Association, American Cancer Society and more. We have seen her in her care giving capacity and see the love she shows for her clients. We believe her untiring work deserves recognition because her desire to help others comes straight from the heart.

Edward V. Grobes